White Label Bot Solution For
CFD's, FX & Crypto brands

Be A Market Professional

Give your customers an algorithmic trading system that really works, and watch as your player value goes through the roof.

Targeted Optimized Results

AlgoLead provides in-depth traffic optimization and retention tools to focus your marketing and boost your results.

Skyrocket Revenue

Increase your revenue with higher retention rates, maximum LTV, and 3 new revenue streams.

About AlgoLead

AlgoLead is a tech development firm, with a focus on building cutting edge technologies for CFD's brands. Our flagship product is a “white label” robot that can provide winning signals or trade automatically for your clients, available as a standalone website (with API access), a Chrome toolbar (without API access), and a mobile app. The white label bot provides a number of back-end management tools to help you maximize player value, including:

  • Automated retention features that boost client winnings, then send automated email and SMS messages at the retention pressure point.
  • A back-end management interface that lets you view client statistics such as activity levels, client earnings, client deposits, etc.
  • Traffic tools, including a done-for-you website and traffic-building email swipes.

Automatic Retention

For CFD's brands, retention is crucial to success. It costs more to generate new leads than it does to retain existing clients; so, retention is the key to being consistently profitable over the long term.

White label bot provides a number of built-in tools to maximize player value over the long term. The most powerful is the automated contact system, which detects when a client is at a retention pressure point (i.e. just won 25% on his initial deposit), and then sends an automated e-mail, SMS message, and call center notification. It has been shown that traders are more likely to deposit again after recently closing a successful trade; white label bot maximizes your deposits by sending targeted messages when a client is at that crucial point.

Second, white label bot provides a back-end management interface that lets you see all your client statistics, including:

  • Activity levels (how often they trade).
  • Win rates.
  • Deposits.
  • Account balance.
  • Conversion rate.
  • Email and SMS tracking statistics.
  • Risk management statistics.
  • And much, much more.
Having access to these statistics means you can identify which clients are most valuable to your business, and focus your retention efforts around them.

4 Great Ways To Trade

Every trader is different. Some of your clients might prefer to trade through a website on their laptop. Others might prefer a convenient toolbar that lives in the browser. And others might prefer to trade on their mobile device. To help maximize client trading activity, we provide 4 ways to access the trading software:

  1. A stand-alone website with API access
  2. A toolbar bot that lives in the browser toolbar (doesn’t have API access).
  3. A mobile app that lets your clients trade on their smartphone or tablet
  4. Trading signals you can send direct to your client's email or SMS to help them make better trades.

It’s Never Been So Easy To Start And Manage Your Own Forex Brand

With AlgoLead’s white label bot, running your own CFD's brand has never been easier. By providing you with all the tools you need to run your business, white label bot saves you time and money while increasing your revenue. The best part is, white label bot is automated, meaning you’ll spend less time managing your business than ever before.

Own Your CFD's Robot Brand.

Get your very own CFD's robot brand, including a website, trading software and back-end management tools.

Increase Retention/Player Value (LTV).

Keep your clients coming back for more with white label bot’s built-in retention features.  

All Your Brands In One.

If you have more than one brand, you can run all of them on the white label bot infrastructure.  

Recover Burned Leads

Get your old leads back into the pipeline with upsells and other incentives.  

Access All Client Statistics

Access client statistics from the built-in management interface and see which clients are generating the most revenue.  

Brand-New Revenue Streams

White label bot offers 3 new ways to bring in revenue: selling the bot to your client directly, providing signals to help your client make better trades, and offering your client a managed account.

4 Great Ways To Trade

Give your customers the option of trading the way they want to.

The Platforms we support.