"Premium White Label Bot Solutions For CFDs & FX/Crypto Brands"

  • Do you own a forex, CFD or crypto brokerage?
  • Are you planning on opening a brand?
  • Want a tailored solution to manage and track your marketing funnels, increase sales and retention values?
If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then you need AlgoLead.

AlgoLead is a suite of powerful marketing tools that let brands acquire and convert more and retain better than ever before for exceptional ROI. Plus, our White Label Robot is another revenue enhancing tool to give to your traders that will add value and push up revenues.

What Solutions Does AlgoLead Provide:

AlgoLead White Label Robot
There is an old saying that says: "If you don’t look after your customers, someone else will". So, it goes without saying that Retention is vital for long term success. The fact is, it costs more to generate new leads than it does to retain existing clients.

Giving your clients a trading platform is not enough. With the plethora of available brands, brokers and trading tools, your business needs a unique-valued add, a real proposition that incentivizes new signups and that keeps your existing traders satisfied and never looking to go elsewhere.

AlgoLead White Label Robot is our flagship product for brands to boost their marketing and results. The trading robot provides trading signals and can trade automatically for the client. This value-add product consistently helps our partners drive up their conversion, retention rates and client values by offering it as a unique selling point to their clients. Now you can give your customers a fully-branded algorithmic trading system that really works and it will push your customer LTV through the roof.

The white label bot boasts a number of back-end management tools to automate and drive up revenue, including:

A back-end management interface that lets you:
  • View client statistics, such as activity levels, client earnings, deposits and plenty more

  • Track and monitor deposits, conversions, email and SMS performance, risk management and more

  • Manage multiple brands with the powerful management console

  • Configurable and automated contact system that sends emails and SMS messages

  • Notify staff and the call center when pre-defined criteria are reached by a client

  • Monitor top performers and provide personalized service

  • Traffic tools, including a ready-to-go website and traffic-building email swipes

  • Reactivate old leads with customized funnels, upsells and incentives

  • Pre-configured APIs into all major trading platforms and affiliate platforms including:

  • MetaTrader (MT4 & MT5)

  • Tech Financialso
  • Spot Option
  • Tradologic
  • Panda
  • Markets Pulse
  • Paragonex
  • TradeSmarter
  • Hello Markets
  • AirSoft
  • Osystems
  • TraderSoft
  • HasOffers
  • CellXpert

AlgoLead Track-IT

The number of available marketing channels just grows on a daily basis, from SEO to PPC, Social Media, affiliates and more. Having the right tools in place to manage your marketing efforts is not a nice to have, it’s a fundamental essential for success and to maximize your return on investment.

AlgoLead Track-IT is a comprehensive campaign management platform that is loaded with tools to make your marketing efforts better and more effective. But AlgoLead Track-IT is even more than just a tracking and management platform, because the built-in proprietary algorithms auto-optimize your campaigns, to help squeeze every drop of value from every click.

Key Features of AlgoLead Track-IT:

Campaign Management

have visibility and manage all marketing campaigns from a single interface

Real-time Analytics

track every click and conversion in real-time

Business Intelligence

build detailed reports with the click of a mouse


precision target your traffic with the best offers based on customizable criteria

Preconfigured Integrations

integrate with all major trading and back-office applications

Flexible API

our API lets you connect with any other application

AlgoLead Optimize-IT

Having the right tool for any job is a prerequisite for success, so give your marketing teams the right tools to do their job. Acquiring new clients is just one piece of the puzzle but extracting maximum lifetime value is all about retention. The days of sending mass, generic emails or SMS is so last decade and with the overload of emails that people receive daily, your messages need to be tailored and delivered at the optimal times to get the results you want.

AlgoLead Optimize-IT is packed with traffic optimization and retention tools that are tried, tested and proven to help boost results, by driving up conversion and retention rates and getting you maximum LTV.

Key Features of AlgoLead Optimize-IT:

  • Collect and store user data, such as geo-location, device, platform, browser and more
  • Build custom funnels and automated messaging
  • Drive the optimal message at the perfect time based on any criteria you like
  • Detailed and accurate tracking and reporting
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